Glossary of Window terms

Back Bead
Refers to the material first installed into a glass rabbet prior to the installation of the glass. Designed to bed the glass and provide a moisture seal. (Usually a putty or sealant)

Blind Stop
Serves the same basic purpose as the inside stop only for exterior.

Bottom Rail

The horizontal portion of the lower sash .(makes contact with the sill)

Refers to a window type with an upper and lower movable sash. Usually counter-balanced by a weight or held open by sash “stays”.

Refers to the glass in the sash.

Glazing Points
Metal pins designed to hold glass in place. Designed to be covered by glazing putty.

Glazing Putty

Designed to hold the glass in place and shed rain and condensation. Usually a triangular shaped cross-section.

Glass Rabbet
Refers to the muntin bars and sash stiles. A right angle groove designed to hold the glass and glazing putty.

The upper most horizontal portion of the window frame.

Inside Stop

Usually ½” or 3/8” by 2”. Keeps the lower sash from falling inward.

The fixed part of a window. Comprises of a right and left side, a head and sill.


A groove cut to accommodate the barbed-pile weather-stripping. 1/8” wide by 3/8” in depth.


Meeting Rail
Also known as a check-rail. The horizontal portion of both the upper and lower sash. Defines where the upper and lower sashes come together or “meet”.

Joins two or more window units together. Usually common stock 1 by…

Bars or dividers that separate the individual panes of glass in a window sash.

Parting Bead
See Parting-Stop.

Parting Stop
Also known as parting bead. Usually a 3/8” by ¾” or ½” by ¾” wood piece. Designed to fit in a dado into the pulley stile. Usually held in by a compression fit. Designed to separate the upper from lower sash. Removable. Usually replaced with new.

Pulley Stile
aka: window jam or frame. The vertical pieces of the left and right side of window frame.

The movable part of a window. Designed to hold the glass. Comprises of an upper and lower, usually attached to a counter-weight balance system via rope or chain.

Sash Stiles
Refers to vertical sections of sash, upper and lower.

Same as noted above only upper sash is designed to remain “fixed”.

The bottom most part of the fixed window frame ( horizontal ).

Top Rail

Usually refers to the upper sash, horizontal section (makes contact with head).

Window Frame
The fixed portion of a window unit comprising of a left and right jam (vertical), head jam (horizontal top), and sill (horizontal bottom).

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