ART's Glaze-Ease 601
Elastomeric Glazing Sealant


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Glaze-Ease 601 is a mildew resistant, rust inhibiting, paintable glazing compound. Glaze-Ease is specifically formulated for outstanding ease of use and long-term durability. Can effectively be used to bed glass in wood, plastic or metal windows sash. This unique compound is designed for easy tooling, paintable within 24 hours and cures to a durable-resilient compound. After painting, Glaze-Ease retains the look of traditional linseed-oil putty with advanced polymer durability.

Glaze-Ease may also be used as a traditional sealant around window and door frames to provide an excellent waterproof seal.

Typical Properties


Solids, by weight 82
Weight per gallon, lbs 13.1
Tack free time, minutes <25
Weather resistance ASTM D-2377-84, hours without washout of adhesion, or cracking  >500
Peel strength, psi, wood 22
Peel strength, psi, glass 27
Low temperature flexibility Excellent
Shrinkage >3%
Color when cured   White
Chemical resistance High
Content   300 ml
Shelf life 1 year unopened
6 months once opened

Instructions For Use
• Back bead glass by applying a small amount directly in rabbet. Install glass and apply light pressure to “seat” the glass in rabbet. Install traditional glazing points as required.

• Apply desired amount of Glaze-Ease directly into rabbet. Do not apply over 1” in thickness. Use the Glaze-Ease applicator tool to smooth compound to an even-traditional appearance. If possible, complete tooling in one continuous stroke. Tool within 10 minutes of application. Skin will form within 30 minutes. May be used to repair or replace missing glazing compound in old window sash.

• Paintable within 24 hours. Can be painted with oil or latex paint systems. May be left unpainted with no adverse effects.

• Clean excess compound and tools with wet cloth. When cured, excess compound can be removed from glass with a suitable blade.

• If desired, Glaze Ease 601 can be re-applied in a second coat. (For best results, allow the first coat to fully cure.)



One 10 oz. cartridge will cover 35 lineal feet in a standard 3/8” by 3/8” rabbet.

Prolonged exposure of uncured product may result in skin irritation.

Helpful Tips
Always apply to a clean, dry, dust and oil free surface.

For best results, apply with the specially designed Glaze-Ease applicator tool.

Best used in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 90°F.

Product Storage
KEEP FROM FREEZING. Store below 90° F.

Technical Services
Advanced Repair Technology is committed to offering the best technical support available. Existing condition assessments, cost estimates, repair vs. replacement options, Contractor Workshops, site surveys and core sample testing are all services offered by ART or their Sales Representatives. Specification assistance also available.

Availability and Cost

All Products and services are available throughout the United States via UPS shipments from the home office or by contacting your local retailer.

Glaze Ease 601 is fully compatible with insulated glass units and low e glass. Glaze Ease is ideal for spot repair of existing old linseed oil compounds.

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