Art's Flexible Marine Epoxy Resin System

The most difficult problem in maintaining exterior woodwork is designing a repair system for maximum long-term performance in real-world environments. Solely addressing the condition of the paint film rarely solves the real problem the underlying condition of the wood itself!



Item # ART 901

Flexible cell-bonding primer
350ml / 12oz
1 unit is 2 seprate bottles

Two component “wetting” agent designed specifically to enhance the bonding strength of Flex-Ease.

Engineered to penetrate deeply and interlock into the wood’s cellular structure.

Used to prevent resin-starved joints and bonding surfaces


Item # ART 901-MINI

Flexible cell-bonding primer
88ml / 3oz
1 unit is 2 seprate bottles



Item # ART 411

450 ml / 15.8 oz
Dual caulking-tube


Flex-Ease is a two component flexible epoxy designed specifically for marine applications.

Engineered to remain flexible, Flex-Ease offers outstanding long-term performance with wood.

Flex-Ease requires no additives or fillers. Excellent modeling and tooling properties make Flex-Ease the ideal choice for the professional or Do-it-yourselfer.

Flex-Ease can be used above or below the water-line.


Static Mixing Gun

ART 300X
Dual Cartridge Static Mixing Gun
Offers Optional Use of
Static Mixing Nozzles

Cut down considerably on your work-time with this gun. It is
designed be used with ART’s 450ml dual cartridge and ART’s
Static Mixing Nozzles. This combination will mix the two part
epoxy as it is dispensed. No manual mixing required!

• Nozzles are disposable.

• For professional use in dispensing of Flex-Ease

• Can be used with or without Mixing Nozzles



Manual Mixing Gun

Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun
Requires Manual Mixing

For large volume epoxy repairs - Use with 450ml cartridge


DO NOT USE Static Mixing Nozzles with this gun. The ART 300 LV Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun is not engineered to withstand the extra force required to push the epoxy through the nozzles.