Bonding Agent

Enhancing the Bonding Strength with ART Prime-A-Trate™/Bonding Agent

Prime-A-Trate™ is a thin brushable material designed to penetrate deeply into the wood.

Because the Flex-Tec HV™ Repair Compound is a thick gel-like material, it’s ability to penetrate wood fibers is limited. The purpose of the Prime-A-Trate™ is to penetrate below surface, acting like an anchor for the Flex-Tec HV™ to “grab on” and provide more than a surface bond.


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Surface Preparation

Solely addressing the condition of the paint film rarely solves the real problem.

The underlying condition is the wood itself!

Leaving the decayed and damaged wood behind greatly compromises the bonding strength of the epoxy repair material. Decayed wood, fungi spores, dirt, air-born particles carried by rain, oil, and moisture all inhibit proper bonding of repair materials to a sound surface. Therefore, it is imperative that all contaminates be removed to a clean, sound subsurface. Impregnating decayed wood fibers with epoxy provides only a short term solution.

The durability of an epoxy repair

is only as good as the surface preparation and continued protection from moisture and sunlight. This means applying and maintaining a quality paint coating. Keep the wood dry and in the dark and it will last forever.


1. Measure 2 parts of Part A to 1 Part B component, and mix thoroughly in a disposable cup.

Tip – The cap from the Prime-A-Trate™ Bonding Agent can be used to measure the components.

2. Brush on a thin film of ART Prime-A-Trate™ Bonding Agent to the bare and sanded area to be repaired.

3. Allow 10 minutes for penetration, maximum of 30 minutes.

DO NOT ALLOW the Prime-A-Trate™ Bonding Agent to dry completely.

4. Remove excess material with a paper towel.

5. Dispense Flex-Tec HV™ (Item # ART 401), thoroughly mix BEFORE applying to area to be repaired.