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Art Flex-Tec Repair System

Working with Flex-Tec HV in hot weather


Cold Weather Affects Curing Time


Bolton Mass Structural Beam Repair & Epoxy Tinting How To Color Match Existing Wood


Wood Rot Repair & Surface Preparation


Wood, Concrete, and Plaster Repair
using Flex-Tec HV Epoxy


Glaze Ease 601: Reglazing over old linseed oil putty


Sanding Flex-Tec epoxy


Major Cornice Repair

Sculpting & Tooling Techniques Epoxy


Epoxy Dispensing Guns Available from Advanced Repair Technology


Saving Old Windows Part I


Saving Old Windows Part II


Advanced Repair Technology Demonstration


Concrete Caruth Homestead Repair



Yellowstone & Advanced Repair Flexible Epoxy


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