How to Glaze a Window Sash


Glaze-Ease Glazing Spot Repair




Art's Glaze-Ease 601

Art's Glaze-Ease 601 Curing time

Glaze-Ease 601 skins over and can be painted within 24 hours after application, however, Glaze-Ease 601 will fully cure after one week. (Linseed oil putties can take weeks to cure). Use oil or latex paint systems, may also remain unpainted.

Art's Glaze-Ease 601 Application

Glaze-Ease 601 is dispensed directly out of a standard reseal-able caulk tube. No "thumbing" or kneading required. Tooling can be achieved with a standard putty knife or the unique squeegee applicator designed specifically for Glaze-Ease 601. Glaze-Ease 601 is also ideal for back-bedding. Glaze-Ease 601 has a "peanut butter" consistency and is easily tooled to desired shape.


Squeegee Tool for Art's Glaze-Ease 601

Designed to work with Glaze-Ease 601.
Squeegee applicator instructions


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Dripless ETS 2000 Dispensing Gun

To be used with Glaze-Ease 601. Rugged composite construction, engineered ergonomic grip, reduces stress in the hand and arm, rotating barrel, sharp precision cutter, and extra long clean-out.


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Art's Glaze-Ease 601

"perfect Choice" for Laminated glass

Blair Lee of Allegheny Restorations in Morgantown, West Virginia was the contracting firm chosen to restore the Great Dome, Baltimore Basilica built from 1806-1821. “Glaze-Ease 601 was the perfect choice for the dome”, says Lee, “Because 601 contains no solvents that could potentially damage the laminated glass.”

Established in 1991, Allegheny Restoration & Builders Inc. provides quality restoration services to historic structures in West Virginia and around the country.