Bolton Mass Structural Beam Repair & Epoxy Tinting How To Color Match Existing Wood


Please Note: The colors illusrtrated on this chart are for general color guidelines only.

A sample should be made to determine exact color matching prior te executing a tinted repair


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ART 326-TNT Natural Cherry



ART 327-TNT Dark Cherry



ART 328-TNT Country Pine



ART 329-TNT Dark Floor Pine



ART 330-TNT Natural Maple



ART 331-TNT Teakwood



ART 332-TNT Extra Dark Walnut



ART 333-TNT Dark Walnut



ART 334-TNT Black Walnut



ART 335-TNT American Walnut



ART 336-TNT Brown Walnut


ART 337-TNT Weathered Gray



ART 338-TNT Redwood



ART 339-TNT Terra Cotta



ART 340-TNT Black



ART 341-TNT White



ART 342-TNT Brown Mahogany



ART 343-TNT Red Mahogany



ART 344-TNT Dark Mahogany



ART 346-TNT Medium Oak



ART 347-TNT Golden Oak



ART 348-TNT Dark Oak


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