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Since 1997

Created by the principals of Advanced Repair Technology (being historic home owners themselves and working in the historic restoration field), they were not content with the workability and more importantly the long term performance of any of the patching products currently available. They began to explore Europe to discover any hidden secrets. Taking the best of the patching compounds they found from Holland and the UK they worked together with a highly specialized chemical engineer back in the States to develop the “next generation” of repair compounds. In 1997, after a full year of testing, the ART Repair System was introduced.


Today Flex-Tec HV and Prime-A-Trate are the new standard for wood repair and restoration. Used together with proper surface preparation, Flex-Tec HV and Prime-A-Trate offer a flexible long-term solution to retain the original old-growth lumber in America’s historic buildings. Now used exclusively by America’s finest restoration and repair contractors as well as historic museums like Colonial Williamsburg and The Adirondack Museum. New York State Parks, The National Park Service, Maryland and California Parks all use ART.

the Future

Advanced Repair Technology continued to search for innovative product ideas including a new system for weather-stripping double hung windows called Easy-Stop and a unique glazing compound called Glaze-Ease 601. Advanced Repair Technology is a contributor to This Old House Magazine and Television program.


Advanced Repair Technology, Inc is located in Upstate New York in the historic Leather-stocking region of the Mohawk Valley, 4 hours north of New York City.

You can reach us at:
PO Box 510
Cherry Valley, New York 13320