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Easy-Stop Weather stripping is “handed” Please look for the left and right side. (Standing inside the window opening, facing out.)


Make a pencil mark at the center location of the meeting rail on the window jam.


Remove inside stop; remove lower sash and existing parting stop.

Measure and cut the short length (42” length for 1/2” kit or 3/8” California kit) of Easy-Stop and install at top of window jam.



Figure 1.
Begin by removing all existing parting-stops. 
(aka parting-bead).


Figure 2. 

For the upper sash, cut 1/8” by 3/8” kerf on the top. 
This is where the silicon flap will go.

Measure from the pencil line to the bottom of the newly installed Easy-Stop. Transfer this measurement from the center of the Easy-Stop to the top. Mark and cut top.


Re-measure and cut the bottom of the Easy-Stop. Install.


Repeat procedure for the other side.


Figure 3.

Measure the height of the upper sash.


Figure 4. 
Transfer this measurement from the middle of the pile to…..


Figure 5. 
…the top of Easy-Stop. Cut at the mark.


Figure 6. 
Measure the full height of the right side.


Figure 7. 
Mark and cut the bottom.


Figure 8. 
Install right side


Figure 9. 
Install right side


Figure 10. 

If necessary, plane for a snug fit.  If loose, glue or nail in place.


Figure 11. 

Attach ropes and install upper sash.


Figure 12. 
Note position of upper sash with pile.


Figure 13. 
Detail of Figure 12.

Cut a 1/8” by 3/8” groove on the outside edge of the lower sash at the center of the meeting rail. Install barbed pile weather-stripping (provided).

Cut the same 1/8” by 3/8” groove at the bottom of the lower sash. Install silicone “flap” weather-stripping (provided)

Reinstall sash and inside stop moldings.


Figure 14. 
On the lower sash, cut 1/8” by 3/8” kerf on the meeting rail. 
This is where the barbed-pile will go.


Figure 15. 

Install barbed-pile at meeting rail.



Figure 16. 

For the lower sash, cut 1/8” by 3/8” kerf on the bottom.  This is where the silicon flap will go.

Figure 17. 

Install silicon flap on bottom.


Figure 18. 

Install lower sash and interior stop.


Additional tips:

To install the 3rd piece of Easy-Stop it may be necessary to slide the upper sash completely down.


Use gentle pressure to secure the Easy-Stop in the groove. Excessive pressure may cause breakage.


Scissors can be used to trim the meeting rail pile.


Easy-Stop can be secured in place by a compression fit only. May be additionally secured using acrylic caulk or brad nails.


Easy-Stop can be painted just like wood, may also be left unpainted.


Figure 19. 

Complete paint and any touch-ups.


Figure 20. 

You are now finished with the installation.



Download PDF Instructions

Easy Stop 3/8" Kit Contents

Easy Stop 1/2" Kit Contents

2   80” Stops
     Please note: stops are “handed”.
     There is a left and right-handed side.


1   42" Barbed-Pile


2   42" Silicon Flap



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