Prime-A-Trate FLEXIBLE Cell-Bonding Primer


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Prime-A-Trate is a two component epoxy-based wetting agent designed specifically to enhance the bonding strength of Flex-Tec HV, Flexible Repair Compound. The ultra-Iow viscosity properties make Prime-A-Trate the ideal material for creating a high-performance bond to the open cell structure of hard and soft woods or other porous materials.


Prime-A-Trate can be used on both vertical and horizontal wood surfaces, Common applications are on exterior column bases, window sills and sashes, and architectural wood ornaments. It is also suitable for various manufacturing uses, to enhance the bonding strength in the repair of natural wood imperfections such as knots or checks, and the sealing of end-grain. The use of Prime-A-Trate is not necessary for bonding or filing metal, fiberglass or non-porous synthetic materials.

(A) Do not apply over damp or contaminated/decayed surfaces.

(B) Designed to be used in concert with Flex-Tech HV Repair Compound.

(C) Always apply varnish or paint after completing the repair.


Part A, is water clear. Part B is red.


(See separate application instructions for complete details)

Refer to table below for typical properties*
* For information only. Not for specification purposes.



Performance Properties Results Test Method
Mix Ratio, by volume 2 to 1  
Mixed Viscosity, cps    1,500  
Tensile Strength, psi    7,500 ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength, psi   16,503 ASTM D-790
Compression Strength, psi   12,000  ASTM D-695
Elongation, % 3.0  
Hardness, Shore D 7 5  
Coefficient of Thermal Exp., in/in   60 x 106 ASTM D-1674
Linear Shrinkage, % <1% ASTM D-2566
Peel Strength, pi   10   ASTM D-1876
Moisture Absorption % .10 ASTM D-570
Pot Life, Minutes, 200 gm 20-30  
Specific Gravity, g/cc   1,02 ASTM D-1475
VOC Content, lb/gl 0  
Chemical/Fuel Resistance  Excellent  
Cure Schedule Room Temp for 24 hours  





Prime-A-Trate is available in 2 separate bottles totaling 350ml.


In a disposable container, mix 2 parts of ”A” to 1 part of “B”. Mix thoroughly. Apply primer to surface using a small disposable paint brush.


50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid working in direct sun light. Curing time will be extended in temperatures below 45 degrees.


Prima-A-Trate contains no VOCs. Avoid direct contact with skin. Do not take internally. Consult Material Safety Data Sheets for complete information.


Immediately remove all excess material from adjacent areas. Properly mask all adjacent porous surfaces to avoid penetration. For skin contact, wash with soap and water, household vinegar or citrus oil.


2 years when stored in unopened, original container.
Store in cool, dry area.


Advanced Repair Technology is committed to offering the best technical support available. Existing condition assessments, cost estimates, repair vs. replacement options, Contractor Workshops, site surveys and core sample testing are all services offered by ART or their Sales Representatives. Specification assistance also available.


All Products and services are available throughout the United States via UPS shipments from the home office or by contacting your local retailer.


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Due to the high flexural modulus of the Advanced Repair Technology’s repair products, we recommend consulting a structural engineer to design a specific load bearing recommendation.


For conservation projects that require the products specified to be “reversible” in nature, Prime-A-Trate can be fully removed at any time using a Methylene-Chloride based paint stripping compound.


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