FAQS - Flex-Ease Flexible Marine Epoxy SYSTEM

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Frequently Asked Questions for Flex-Ease Flexible Marine Epoxy System

  • Where can Flex-Ease be used?
    Flex-Ease is ideal for areas requiring flexibility and strength above or below the waterline. Keel to hull repairs, bonding dissimilar materials, gouge repairs, scarf joints. Flex-Ease is perfect for wood bonding and repair. Flex-Ease is suitable for bonding and filling fiberglass, metal, and composite materials.

    Because Flex-Ease requires no fillers, it’s ideal for fillet bonding, stitch and glue bonding.

  • Are there any areas where you do not recommend Flex-Ease?
    Yes, Flex-Ease is too thick and gel like for wetting fiberglass cloth. Flex-Ease is not recommended for areas requiring a rigid bond. Flex-Ease is not recommended for anchoring deck hardware or filling the gaps in deck seams.

  • Can I add micro-balloons or silica to Flex-Ease?
    Not necessary, Flex-Ease has the perfect thickness for most jobs requiring a thickened epoxy. Perfect for large gouge repairs, fillet-bonding, and gap filling. No messy and time consuming powders and fillers needed. Can even be used over-head!

  • Is Flex-Ease compatible with other epoxies?
    Yes. Standard practices for bonding additional layers needs to be used such as sanding to promote bonding.

  • Can Flex-Ease be sanded?
    Yes, Flex-Ease can be sanded like wood. Flex-Ease can also be planed, carved, and drilled. Flex-Ease is easier to sand than conventional epoxies and can be used as a fairing compound.

  • What is the working time?
    30 to 45 minutes at 70 degrees. Flex-Ease fully cures in 8 hours.

  • How long will Flex-Ease store?
    Flex-Ease will store for 3 years in an unopened container. Fully reseal-able, Flex-Ease will store for 2 full years once opened. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Can Flex-Ease be painted/stained?
    Flex-Ease can be painted after 8 hours cure time, all that is required is a light sand to provide a good “tooth” for the paint or varnish. Flex-Ease has no amine blush.

    Flex-Ease is best stained with a dry pigment during the mixing process. Furniture powders work well and are available at any woodworking supply.

  • What can I use for clean-up?
    Household vinegar, denatured alcohol, and citrus oil all work well for clean-up.

  • What about safety?
    Flex-Ease contains no free phenols or VOC’s, however it is recommended to always work in a well ventilated area and practice good industrial hygiene while using any epoxy compound. The unique controlled mixing system eliminates mess and keeps the work area clean.