Advanced Repair Technology’s Flexible Epoxy Repair System
What Features Make ART’s Repair System Unique?

ART 401 Flex-Tec HV™
is engineered to a higher standard!

ART’s system outperforms conventional repair compounds and wood fillers. Our system is engineered to remain flexible and resilient to provide a long-lasting and cost effective repair.


ART 401 Flex-Tec HV™
Wooden Gutter Repair

ART’s Flexible Repair System
is easy to use and provides a
long-lasting repair solution.
Auto Body Putty Failure

Polyester repair compounds
such as auto body fillers filled with air and micro balloons greatly reduce their strength
and only provide a short-term solution.
Conventional Resin
Repair Failure

Other repair options do not offer the adhesion strength sculpting ease of ART 401 Flex-Tec HV™.


ART 401 Flex-Tec HV™ is structural

No need to worry about whether your repair will be strong enough.
ART 401 Flex-Tec HV’s compression strength is rated at 14,000psi. This is well over the compression strength of the strongest hardwoods such as maple or walnut.




ART Flex-Tec HV
is structural and has a 14,000psi compression strength.
It will create a repair stronger than the original wood.

Other repair compounds will crack and separate when used structurally.


ART Prime-A-Trate™ ENSURES that ART 401 Flex-Tec HV™ will form a strong bond with the wood fibers.

Prime-A-Trate™ penetrates deep into wood fibers and allows the Flex-Tec HV™ to “grab on” to the repair sur-face. Since the Flex-Tec HV™ is a gel-like consistency, its ability to deeply penetrate on its own is limited.

Warning: Using Flex-Tec HV without Prime-A-Trate will only create a surface bond repair.



Photo demonstrates paint bristles which represent wood fibers that soak up the bonding agent and harden. This process will provide more than a surface bond and anchor the Flex-Tec to the wood substrate, ensuring a long lasting repair.



Flex-Tec HV™ WILL NOT slump or sag in any volume

Flex-Tec Epoxy has the ability to hold its shape and will not slump, sag or shrink, even in overhead applications.



Flex-Tec HV™ is engineered to move with the wood.

Unlike other methods of repair, ART’s repair system addresses the flexible nature of the wood. The epoxy will expand and contract with the wood and will not separate like consolidation repair methods. The Flex-Tec HV™ will even hold its bond when planed and will not harden with age.

Flex-Tec HV™ can be tooled just like wood!



After the repair cures, ART’s epoxy can be sanded, chiseled, planed and otherwise tooled just like wood. Flex-Tec HV™ will also grip screws just like wood. This makes it perfect for resetting locksets, hinges and other drill and refill applications.


ART’s Epoxy Repair System accepts any latex based paint and priming system.



Just sand the repair after curing and any latex based primer or paint may be used. ART recommends priming the repair first with a latex based primer. You may finish coat with any latex based paint. You may use an oil based PAINT as long as you have prepped the repair area with a latex based PRIMER first.

Flex-Tec HV™ is re-sealable



Mix only what you need and reapply the caps. No need to worry about the epoxy hardening or curing after opening. As long as it is stored in a climate controlled environment, Flex-Tec HV™ has an opened shelf-life of one year and an unopened shelf life of two years.

ART’s Epoxy Repair System contains no VOCs and cleanup is easy!



Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) may be found in paints, primers, glues, repair compounds or in many other construction-related chemicals. ART’s Flex-Tec HV™ is VOC free and can be cleaned up using household vinegar and a rag.


The Big Picture

ART Flex-Tec HV™ is an easy to use repair compound which provides superior bonding strength and durability. Certified testing (ASTM) (Arnold Wood Conservation, LLC and widespread use have shown this system to be superior in virtually every aspect — from ease of application to long-term performance.


What people are saying about ART products
Kevin Nolan: Residential Repainting Contractor in Ardmore, PA — “The best part about ART’s repair products is the ease of use and the ability to give the customer a tremendous product that will not fail. We had used other fillers and sealers and typically we would get callbacks within a couple of years. In the four years since we dis-covered ART, we have not had a single callback when using their system. ART is a tremendous product that I think every contractor should inform himself of.”