Art's Flexible Marine Epoxy Resin System

Introducing the first epoxy resin system
engineered specifically for wood.

With strength and flexibility, Flex-Ease offers similar flexural characteristics of wood.

Above or below the water line, Flex-Ease is Amazing!


Not all Epoxy Materials are the same

Epoxy materials designed for marine applications gain their flexural strength by the use of fiberglass cloth or the laminating of thin strips of wood. The use of these materials are not practical in the repair of wood in architectural applications.



• Cross-linking inhibitors prevent age hardening

• No fillers needed, will not shrink, slump or sag

• Suitable for fillet bonding and fairing

• 30-45 minute working time

• Contains no VOC’s

• Will not harden with age

• Remains flexible and resilient

• Adhesion to wood and porous material are enhanced with the use of Prime-A-Trate, cell bonding primer

• Resistant to chemical and ultraviolet light degradation

• Also excellent for bonding and repairing fiberglass and metal

• Resealable

• No waste

What People are saying about Art Flex-Ease

1955 Richardson Motor Yacht
Take my word for it that four summers in the water and four harsh dry Colorado winters later, the work is in near perfect condition.


A Boat Saved
I have used this product in so many places for both cosmetic and structural repair I have lost track. All I know is once this stuff is in place I never need to look back!


Tim Pleune
B O A Construction, Denver, CO


The keelson (the structural “spine”) of this 1955 Richardson motor yacht was badly split and had been worn to a curve. (by laying ashore perhaps?) The solution was to bed a 3” wide tapered mahogany strip into the “magic epoxy.