Weather and ART’s Epoxy Repair System

Keeping in mind that all epoxies are temperature curing materials (known as exothermic) some consideration should be made for wet,cold and warm weather conditions.

A basic rule is ART’s Epoxy System will cure in 10 hours at 70 degrees. This is the point it will be ready to sand and paint (overnight in most cases)

Another basic rule is the thinner the film (or mass) the slower it takes to cure, the thicker the film (or mass) the faster it takes to cure. Because the epoxy is an exothermic material, a thick layer will hold more heat and therefore cure faster than a thin layer that dissipates the heat.

In cold weather (below 50 degrees) you will notice the curing of ART’s Epoxy System begin to slow. The colder it gets the slower it takes to fully harden. A thin repair completed at 35 degrees may take as long as a week to fully cure.

In warm weather (above 80 degrees) you will notice the curing of ART’s Epoxy System to speedup. A large thick repair conducted on a hot day in full sun could be fully hardened in as little as 2 hours.

Another basic rule is to treat ART’s Epoxy System like you would paint:

Do not apply in direct sun light

Do not apply if rain is imminent

Do not apply in temperatures below freezing

Do not apply to a wet or damp substrate

Do not apply to a poorly prepared surface

What do you do if conditions aren’t ideal?

In hot weather avoid southern exposures in the middle of the day, work on the western side in the morning and eastern side in the afternoon. Store the epoxy in a cooler or basement just before using.

In colder weather, work with the sun if possible. Store the epoxy in a warm place just before using. In extreme cold temperatures (below freezing) you can use an electric blanket, heating pad or clip light to keep the area warm until fully cured.

If rain is threatening, cover the repair with a tent of plastic sheeting. Of course, if the surface is wet, it must be dried to less than 18% moisture content before proceeding with the repair. This can be achieved by using a heat gun on a low setting.

Care should betaken for long term and short term storage.
Store in a cool dry area.
Avoid prolonged exposure to hot or cold environments.

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